Pigeon Peristaltic Plus (PPSU) Wide Neck 160ml Bottle (with SS teat)


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Pigeon Peristaltic Plus (PPSU) Wide Neck 160ml Bottle (with SS teat)

Pigeon's range of wide neck feeding bottles now include the highly acclaimed Peristaltic Plus teat

The bottle's streamlined shape makes them easy to hold, and clear markings provide an accurate measurement guide.

The dome cover securely seals the teat.

The 160ml bottle comes with a SS teat. 

Made from a completely safe BPA free PPSU (polyphenylsulfane) plastic. Heat resistant up to 180 Celcius


Peristaltic Plus Teat

Softer tip and firmer base - to resemple mother's nipple.

Textured Surface and wider 'muffin top' base - allowing and promoting a correct latch on.

Improved stretchability, sucking fossa fitting tip and anti-collapse structure - to allow Baby's natural peristaltic movement while feeding

Wider Air Valve System - to prevent colic and promoting a smooth and steady sucking rythym.


SS Teat

SS - 0+ Months - Extra Soft base and super small round hole. For babies who spend most of their time sleeping and feed a little at a time. (Nipple tip=12mm diameter)


From Productreview.com.au

"These bottles are absolutely fantastic. They are extremely easy to clean and sterilise and bubba loves holding onto them to feed himself. They do not leak like most bottles on the market. They are a little bit more expensive than other bottles but its definitely worth it!"

"If you have a fuss pot breastfeed baby and you would like to have access to the occasional bottle feed like I did, then absolutely try this bottle first! We've spent a fortune and lots of tears trying to get our 2 month old to use a bottle, we tried TT Closer to nature, Medela Calma, Nuk, Woolworths select brand bottle and a generic teat that came with my breastpump (Unimom) with absolutely no luck, not even one suck on any of them. 

This was our 6th bottle we tried and she latched on nearly straight away - I was totally gobsmacked! I was really starting to loose hope it wasn't going to happen."


"my exclusive breastfeed baby only likes this bottle. As a last attempt (after trying avent, tommee tippee and dymples brand) my 11 week old finally takes a bottle. both my sons have been big boobie boys and hated the bottle. But this time i have to return to work at 6 months, so i was getting very stressed that he wouldnt take a bottle. We tried many types and different people. he would scream the house down. "

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