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Why choose our bags

Preparing for a baby is no easy feat. There is the cot, pram, clothes and countless other things to worry about before your baby arrives.

"What do I need to bring to hospital?" is one of the most frequent questions new mums ask. We have done the research for you putting together what Aussie mums consider the most useful for their stay in hospital. We have also taken it one step further and help you prepare for the first few months of your baby's life. We remembered the nail scissors and the thermometer.

Whether you need a simple 'Essentials' bag, or want to spoil a special mum by going all out with the 'Deluxe', we have it all. Or build your own bag by starting with 'Essentials' and adding other items on. We make your hospital trip easier by providing you with a complimentary duffel bag. The cost to you for all the items in the bag is no more than if you were to go out and purchase each item individually, so why not save time and effort and have your hospital bag delivered to your front door. 

Bags for Babes proudly supports quality, well-known brands and products that WORK. All our products are sourced locally where possible - we aim to support other Australian businesses.