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Send Hope, Not Flowers

Flowers die. Women giving birth shouldn't. 

OK, we don't sell flowers and have nothing against people giving flowers BUT we do believe that no matter how hard done by we are in Australia, we have the luxury of a fantastic healthcare system, where, if needed, hundreds of thousands of dollars will be spent on keeping you and/or your baby alive, with little or no cost to you. 

In less fortunate countries such as Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Bangladesh, their hospitals lack basic supplies we take for granted like gloves and soap! (It is very probable what we would consider necessities like pain relief would be completely unheard of!) In some of these areas, one in 17 women die in childbirth (some will have other children). Newborns, without their mothers, are up to 10 times more likely to die. In Australia, one in 20 000 women die in childbirth. 

The grim reality of these staggering facts have touched our hearts and Bags for Babes would like to support this good cause with 10% of all sales of our pre-packed maternity bags going directly to help support their volunteer workers. We hope the "mother baby gifts" of essential items such as cotton nappies, sanitary supplies for mum and baby clothes, in addition to basic education, will help new mothers not only to survive, but to thrive!

Thank you for helping keep another mother alive. =)