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Baby Shower Gift Ideas in Australia

The idea of providing an option to purchase a pre-packed maternity hospital bag stemmed from the simple need of a mum wanting to pack her hospital bag and spending hours scouring the internet, and forums for ideas on what to buy. Then spending even more time and precious energy driving around to shop after shop putting all the items together. There are far better things to be spending your time doing when you are pregnant... like putting your feet up and resting before bub gets here!

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Whether you are looking for gift ideas, or simply want to be prepared for when your bundle of joy arrives, Bags for Babes offers a great solution. It's simple, really. We have 3 tiers of pre-packed maternity bags with quality, full-sized products all put together for you for less than what it would cost if you purchased each item individually. These products are sourced directly from Australian warehouses.

Where possible, we choose natural or organic products and we choose to support Australian brands and companies. Our packaging material is recycled from retailers where it would otherwise end up in landfill.

Our maternity bags make for practical, generous baby shower gifts, or just a gift to someone expecting a baby, and also a 'one-stop-shop' for anyone wanting to get ready for delivery and the hospital stay. All baby apparel is provided in a gender-neutral colour unless indicated otherwise.

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Would you like more information on what is included in our bags? Or need assistance in placing your order online? Please feel free to contact us about anything at all! Emails are frequently checked and promptly replied to.


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