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Spoil yourself or that special mum-to-be!

This is the Rolls Royce, the bees knees, the cat's pyjamas of Maternity Bags. This bag also has EVERYTHING we think a mum could possibly need and want for herself and a new baby. As with all our products, all items are full-sized and not just a sample, so mum and bub can continue to benefit from this bag for weeks (and months!) after.

All this in a specially designed stylish duffel bag that should comfortably fit everything you and your new addition will need for your stay in hospital.

Also included is a complimentary list of other things from home you may wish to consider packing. 

Included are gender neutral baby products. Please indicate if you know your baby's gender and if you would like to receive pink or blue instead. 

Please also let us know your underwear and top size in Australian size (e.g. size 10) so we can send out the most appropriate products. 


Included are

Bags For Babes Tiffany Blue Duffel Bag

Brauer Arnica Tablets 60s - reduces swelling after the birth

Ego Aquim Antiseptic Gel 70ml - help anyone coming in contact with bub keep germs away

Massage Oil - first for mum, then for baby!

Glucojels 150g

Hot/cold pack - use hot in labour and cold post labour
Pharmacy Choice Oral Rehydration Salts

Panadol Rapid Handy Pack

Pump water - stay hydrated during labour and keep the bottle to help ease those stitches (ouch!)

Quilton 3 ply toilet paper - extra soft 

Snack Bag - little treats for mum, dad and siblings

Bed Socks

Ural - helps neutralise urine to prevent burning and stinging after a vaginal birth

Water Mist Spray Bottle - help mum stay cool during labour

Avent Day Breast Pads 30s

Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Pad - cooling, soothing relief!

Bath Sponge


Disposable Underwear (pack of 5) - Choose Medium or Large

Hair Brush

Emery Boards 

Lansinoh Nipple Cream 15g - The best thing for sore, chapped nipples. Also makes a great lip balm!

Maternity Pads 10s

3ml Dropper

Microlax 4s - helps keep bowels clear and reduces pressure on stitches

Pocket Tissues

Natio Cleansing Wipes

Natio Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser

Natio Orange Blossom Body Wash 

Natio Orange Blossom Body Lotion

Natio Natural Vitamin E Moisturising Cream - great for both mum and bub

Natio Shampoo

Natio Conditioner

Natio Roll On Deodorant

Natio Shea Butter Lip Balm - great to have on hand for dry lips during labour (and anytime, really.)

Notebook & Pen

Oral care kit + Razor + Hair Elastics

Ear Plugs & Sleeping Mask - may help parents catch an extra few winks in a noisy hospital

2 x Cotton Face Washers

Avent Newborn Starter Set

Avent Nipple Protectors

Avent Soothers - 2 pack

Baby Brush & Comb

Baby Nail Clippers

Baby Nail Scissors

Disposable Change Mats 10s

Scented Nappy Sacks 50s

Brauer Colic Relief 50ml - because it will be 2.30 in the morning when you need… something!

Canningvale Royal Splendour Baby Bath Towel - 100% terry cotton, 620gsm

Cotton tips 100s


Infant’s friend - very handy when you have a grizzly, unsettled newborn at 2am!

Sudocrem 25g

Digital Thermometer

Gaia Natural Baby Wash 250ml

Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser 250ml

Gaia Baby Wipes 20s

Huggies Newborn Nappies 36s pack

Purebaby Booties in White

Purebaby Mittens in White

Purebaby Muslin Wrap in Pale Grey - 2 pack

Purebaby Bunny Rug in Pale Grey Stripe - please indicate if you would like Pink or Blue instead

Purebaby Easy Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit 000 - 2 pack

Purebaby Easy Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit 0000 - 2 pack

Purebaby Newborn Hospital Pack in White - size 000

Purebaby Sleepsuit in White 000

Purebaby Zip Growsuit in Pale Grey 000

Water Wipes 60s - the purest baby wipes, perfect for your newborn’s delicate skin.




**Disclaimer: If a product is out of stock and unavailable, we will replace it with a product of similar value and as identical to the listed product as possible.  




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