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Lansinoh Nipple Cream 15g

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Lansinoh Nipple Cream 15g
Lansinoh Nipple Cream is 100% Ultra Pure lanolin, hypoallergenic and preservative free - completely natural. 

  • Soothes, Heals and Protects Sore Nipples.
  • Does not have to be removed before feeding.
  • Clinically proven to accelerate healing
  • Recommended by breastfeeding specialists

Lansinoh HPA Brand Lanolin (Ultrapure, medical grade, USP modified lanolin. Hypoallergenic, no preservatives.


p/s it makes a great lip balm!



"This cream got me through my first weeks of breastfeeding. Honestly feel I may not have made it without it! I got only a few cracks here and there when bub frenzy fed but after putting this on it wa a nice relief and they healed up quickly. I tried the whole breast milk on nipple thing but didnt feel it did enough. Would definately recommend it!"

"Lansinoh was recommended to me by a few friends to use before and during breastfeeding. I am so glad that I did. I used it for a few weeks before my baby was born, and then after every feed once he arrived and I managed to avoid cracked nipples completely. Even when my nipples do get a bit sore, applying the cream puts a protective layer over the top and stops them from becoming irritated and rubbing against my clothing. 
It is safe for baby and you don't have to remove it before the next feed. It does seem a bit expensive at first, but you don't have to use much (a pinch of Lansinoh is enough for both sides) so it lasts a long time. It can also seem quite think in cooler weather but if you rub it between your fingers it will quickly warm up and you can apply it easily. 
I recommend this to all my friends who are having babies."

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