A Modern Woman's Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth (paperback edition)

Katrina Zaslavsky

Feeling anxious, alone or in the dark as a new mother to be? Where do you go to get your questions answered when you don’t have any mothers as the “wise woman” to turn to, the doctor is too busy to inform you of your options or discuss the pros and cons of various drugs and procedures on the menu, and you read virtually every magazine in the waiting room before he/ she can see you for five minutes at a time?

Meanwhile, random strangers decide it is their maternal duty to share their birth horror stories when they spot the bump and the hospital antenatal classes leave you feeling even more fearful and anxious than you were before you walked in!

Just when you thought you couldn’t bear to hear another horror story, along comes a fresh new book that is the answer to your prayers. Brimming with positivity, A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth offers inspiring birth stories, expert tips, practical tools and insights to reclaim your birth power and overcome your fears.

More than just a random collection of stories, the author Katrina Zaslavsky, takes you on a powerful journey of discovery and gives you 21 keys to transforming your birth experience.

This 5 star rated book (Amazon) was voted Favourite Product Finalist in the People's Choice AusMumpreneur Awards and is making positive waves across the globe; It has been described as "a breath of fresh air and a welcome addition to an otherwise overcrowded shelf full of fear-inducing, confidence-eroding horror stories that solely focus on medicalised birth. In the tradition of classics like Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and Dr Sarah Buckley’s book, Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering, A Modern Woman’s Guide to A Natural Empowering Birth enlightens women to how birth can and should be – a joyous, transformative, emotionally powerful experience." 

Meanwhile the Maternity Coalition of Australia said the book “Stands out as one that all women should read as part of their birth preparation.” Also approved by the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) and endorsed by the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) and The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS)

Most importantly endorsed by numerous happy mums (and babies if they could speak!) worldwide whose lives have been changed for the better! :)


  • Inspiring Birth Stories
  • Expert Tips
  • Practical Tools and Insights
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Special Afterword with Dr Sarah Buckley, MD
  • Bonus gifts: Empowering Daily Affirmations, Eat Right Birth Right Nutritional Chart, Empowering Sample Birth Plan + Full Explanation Chart (for your eyes only!) + Empowering Resources List


  • Overcome Your Fears
  • Be Inspired
  • Empower Yourself
  • Reclaim Your Birth Power 
  • Become the Birthing Goddess

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