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Baby Beehinds

Baby BeeHinds was founded in 2004 by Davina Casey, when she found that the perfect cloth nappy didn’t exist for her baby girl.  In the following 7 years Baby BeeHinds grew from a mum with a sewing machine, to an internationally recognised Modern Cloth Nappy brand.  In 2011, Davina said goodbye to her baby, and Baby BeeHinds was sold, and moved to Sydney.  Now Leanne & Luke proudly run the BBH business based at Lake Macquarie NSW. We are still a 100% Aussie owned company who strive to provide a diverse range of modern cloth nappies to Australian (and international) families.  We are also working hard to expand our range to include swim nappies, training pants, pull up pants & much more. 


The Consultants

We currently have a team of over 15 Product Consultants around Australia, these ladies are Cloth nappy experts, they have the best experience of our products of anyone. Did you know that all of our demonstrators were previously customers of ours? That's right- they've loved our products so much they were eager to join our team. And we LOVE supporting mothers. Afterall, who better is there to offer experienced advice to you, the potential customer, than other mums who use and stand by Baby BeeHinds? Nobody. If you're interested in a product demonstration or nappy party, let us know and we will put you in touch with your local consultant. They know exactly what they are talking about and can give you the advice you need to make an informed choice about cloth nappying your baby.


The Manufacturers

These are the people who bring the quality to your baby's beehind. Our very special manufacturers are a family owned business based in China. Our factory is leading the way in providing ethically focused garment manufacture- their focus is on providing excellent quality textile garments whilst maintaining ethics in the workplace. For those who are concerned about the manufacture of textile items in Asia (in our opinion, this is a very important issue), you'll be pleased to know that Baby BeeHinds only supports the fair trade industry. We're proud to support a company who looks after their employees by offering fantastic workplace benefits and higher than average wages. Whilst no textile items can officially be certified 'FairTrade' (just not possible at present), all Baby BeeHinds items are produced via the meansof fair trade. Our item costs are higher than what they otherwise could be....but then, so is our integrity. We like to ensure that our products are manufactured in an ethically sound manner each step of the way.